A Sun Lady for All Seasons Reads Her Poetry

Full Moon of SoniaAvailable from:
Smithsonia Folkways

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The first spoken word album from Sonia Sanchez.

Track Listing

  1. Black Magic (preview track)
  2. To a Jealous Cat (preview track)
  3. Answer to Yo/Question (preview track)
  4. Last Poem I’m Gonna Write About Us (preview track)
  5. Poem for Etheridge (preview track)
  6. Blk/Wooomen/chant (preview track)
  7. Welcome Home, My Prince (preview track)
  8. For My Children (preview track)
  9. To Morani/Mungu (preview track)
  10. To Anita (preview track)
  11. Don’t Wanna Be (preview track)
  12. City Songs (preview track)
  13. We Can Be (preview track)
  14. When We Come (preview track)
  15. It’s a New Day (preview track)
  16. Listen to Big Black at s, f, State (preview track)
  17. To Fanon (preview track)
  18. Liberation/Poem (preview track)
  19. Summer Words of a Situh Addict (preview track)
  20. So This is Our Revolution (preview track)
  21. I WaaaAAANNT To Know; I NeeeEEEDS To Know (preview track)
  22. Ima Talkin Bout the Nation of Islam (preview track)
  23. A Needed/Poem for My Salvation (preview track)
  24. A Black/Woman/Speaks (preview track)