In Memory of Elizabeth Catlett

Elizabeth Catlett, African American sculptor and print maker, passed away April 2, at the age of 96 in her home in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico. Sonia Sanchez posted her haiku, “6 haiku (for Elizabeth Catlett in Cuernavaca)” in memory of her friend.

“In loving memory of a great woman. You will be missed. It was an honor to walk on this earth with you.” —Sonia Sanchez

6 haiku
(for Elizabeth Catlett
in Cuernavaca)

La Señora
making us remember
flesh and wind

O how you
help us catch
each other’s breath

a woman’s
arms climbing with
colored dreams

slides into the pool
hands kissing the water

i pick
up your breath and
remember me

your hands
humming hurricanes
of beauty.

Sanchez, Sonia, from her new book Morning Haiku. Boston: Beacon Press, 2010. Please do not distribute this work without permission. You may submit requests to reprint the work of Sonia Sanchez from titles published by Beacon Press through its website.