New Book from Sonia Sanchez Coming in April 2021!

The wait is almost over!

This April, Beacon Press is publishing Collected Poems, a representative collection of the life work of the much-honored poet and a founder of the Black Arts Movement, spanning the four decades of her literary career.

Gathering highlights from all of Sonia Sanchez’s poetry, this compilation is sure to inspire love and community engagement among her legions of fans. Beginning with her earliest work, including poems from her first volume, Homecoming (1969), through to 2019, the poet has collected her favorite work in all forms of verse, from Haiku to excerpts from book-length narratives. Her lifelong dedication to the causes of Black liberation, social equality, and women’s rights is evident throughout, as is her special attention to youth in poems addressed to children and young adults.

Just in time for National Poetry Month!

And without further ado, we unveil the cover art!

Cover art for Sonia Sanchez's new book