Hope is an Open Window (Single)

“Hope is an Open Window” by Diana Ross, from the album Every Day is a New Day, featuring Sonia Sanchez. (preview track)

Humbled (single)

“Humbled” by Ursula Rucker, from the album Ma’at Mama, featuring Sonia Sanchez. (preview track)

I Been Keepin’ Company with the Layaway Man (Single)

“I Been Keepin’ Company with the Layaway Man” by Monnette Sudler from the album Meeting of the Spirits, featuring Sonia Sanchez. (preview track)

In My Own Way (Single)

“In My Own Way” by Monnette Sudler, from the album Meeting of the Spirits, featuring Sonia Sanchez. (preview track)

Everything Man (Single)

Everything Man by Talib Kweli from the album Eardrum, featuring Sonia Sanchez and Res. (preview track)

Full Moon of Sonia

Full Moon of Sonia

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“Full Moon of Sonia” is a celebration of the life and work of a cultural icon and national treasure of Sonia Sanchez, affectionately and deservedly known as the “Poet Laureate of the Planet.” It fuses a wide range of musical styles with the poetry of Sonia Sanchez in a groundbreaking CD that underscores Sanchez’s contribution to poetry and performance in the 20th century. Further, her unique performance style serves as a reminder of her impact on the oral tradition in African-American literature.

Her influence is far-reaching and wide ranging and can be heard in such artists as Mos Def, Jill Scott, Talib, Rakin, to name a few. She has been a guest artist on albums with greats such as Diana Ross and has collaborated with such artists as Eric Benet. Her latest album, the first in 25 years, reflects a diverse offering of musical and poetic styles that spans R&B, Jazz, Afro-Cuban, Gospel, and Hip-Hop. This breakthrough CD marks a new plateau in a career that stretches over four decades. On this CD, Ms. Sanchez has assembled some of the finest composers, musicians, and vocalists working in music today.

Track Listing

  1. Catch the Fire (for Bill Cosby) (preview track)
  2. Good Morning Sex (preview track)
  3. Haiku 1 (preview track)
  4. Towhomitmayconcern (Full Moon of Sonia) (preview track)
  5. Poem To Some Women/Leak in This Old Building (preview track)
  6. Poem #10/Hold Me (preview track)
  7. Bubba (preview track)
  8. Interlude: PoemFinder (preview track)
  9. For Langston/I’ve Known Rivers (preview track)
  10. Blues 1/Blues 2 (preview track)
  11. Tupac (preview track)
  12. Song #2/Mother’s Child (preview track)
  13. Ballad (preview track)
  14. Love Poem (preview track)
  15. Haiku 2 (preview track)
  16. I Have Walked a Long Time (preview track)
  17. He/She (preview track)
  18. Under a Soprano Sky (preview track)

A Sun Lady for All Seasons Reads Her Poetry

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The first spoken word album from Sonia Sanchez.

Track Listing

  1. Black Magic (preview track)
  2. To a Jealous Cat (preview track)
  3. Answer to Yo/Question (preview track)
  4. Last Poem I’m Gonna Write About Us (preview track)
  5. Poem for Etheridge (preview track)
  6. Blk/Wooomen/chant (preview track)
  7. Welcome Home, My Prince (preview track)
  8. For My Children (preview track)
  9. To Morani/Mungu (preview track)
  10. To Anita (preview track)
  11. Don’t Wanna Be (preview track)
  12. City Songs (preview track)
  13. We Can Be (preview track)
  14. When We Come (preview track)
  15. It’s a New Day (preview track)
  16. Listen to Big Black at s, f, State (preview track)
  17. To Fanon (preview track)
  18. Liberation/Poem (preview track)
  19. Summer Words of a Situh Addict (preview track)
  20. So This is Our Revolution (preview track)
  21. I WaaaAAANNT To Know; I NeeeEEEDS To Know (preview track)
  22. Ima Talkin Bout the Nation of Islam (preview track)
  23. A Needed/Poem for My Salvation (preview track)
  24. A Black/Woman/Speaks (preview track)